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February 12, 2003

Is NATO Abandoning Turkey

Germany, France and Beligium have vetoed Turkey's invocation of its right to mutual defense against assault by Iraq.

Politicians like Bush and editorialists at places like the Wall Street Journal declare:

And so we bid adieu to NATO's core mission -- ensuring that all members come to the defense of any member under attack.
Wait a second.

No one's attacked Turkey.

No one has threatened to attack Turkey.

All that is happening is that in anticipation of the US violating international law and attacking Iraq without UN sanction, there may be some chance of Iraq ending up in conflict with Turkey.

So this is preemptive demands for defense due to a possibility of a response to a preemptive attack on Iraq?

The vetoing NATO countries rightly see the request as an attempt to create a fait accompli-- deploy their military resources so that any US assault on Iraq will inevitably drag all of them into the conflict as well.

This is Gulf of Tonkin games on a global scale, trying to describe an offensive plan as some kind of nonexistent defensive maneuver, all while trying to browbeat resisting people or countries as disloyal or weak.

Posted by Nathan at February 12, 2003 08:07 AM

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