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February 16, 2003

More on Sellout of the Kurds

From the UK Independent comes more details that Bush is telling Kurdish leaders that real regime change is now off-the-table for post-Occupation plans. In order to keep Saudi Arabia and Turkey pacified, the basic regime will remain, with just the top layer of Hussein's deputies changed.

"Conquerors always call themselves liberators," said Sami Abdul-Rahman, deputy prime minister of the Kurdish administration, in a reference to Mr Bush's speech last week in which he said US troops were going to liberate Iraq.
Mr Abdul-Rahman said the US had reneged on earlier promises to promote democratic change in Iraq. "It is very disappointing," he said. "In every Iraqi ministry they are just going to remove one or two officials and replace them with American military officers."
So much for the argument that Hussein's victims like the Kurds are in favor of invasion. It's now clear that all the rhetoric about restoring democracy was just a rhetorical luxury, easily disposed of when realpolitick wooing of Turkey and Saudi Arabia was needed.

Posted by Nathan at February 16, 2003 10:35 PM

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I blogged on this yesterday as well. Even Kanan Makiya is claiming that the Bush Administration is betraying the goal of a democratic post-Saddam Iraq.

Isn't it ironic that the Right has taken to screeching about the Ba'athist's human rights abuses, but has plans to essentially only lop off the head of the party, leaving the rest intact? Sort of like believing you could achieve the de-Nazification of Germany by just removing Hitler. The whole thing reeks more and more of revenge and oil.

Posted by: MB at February 17, 2003 09:31 AM

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