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July 02, 2002

Internet Privatization Goes Bad

I should have sympathy for the anguish over the anti-democratic policies of ICAAN, the nonprofit controller of domain names, but what did folks expect? Salon has an interview with Internet pioneer John Gilmore on the controversy and the lawsuit demanding that the organization open up its books.
...For godsake, the conflicts of interest at ICAAN are unbelievable. The chair of the organization, Vint Cerf, is the top Internet executive at WorldCom, which aside from its corporate fraud, controls more Internet traffic than any other company.
...A lot of libertarians are learning that the advantages of government agencies is that they are subject to far more public accountability than a nonprofit kludge like ICANN. The answer is simple-- kill off ICANN and create a government agency subject to open meetings and public records rules.

Posted by Nathan at July 2, 2002 08:12 AM

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One problem:

which government?

US? Yeah, right. UN? More clueless then ICANN on internet matters...

Posted by: Martin Wisse at July 3, 2002 06:17 AM

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