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August 02, 2002

Rightwing Watch (8-2)

Weekly roundup, August 2

  • Found the source for yesterday's Washington Times' screed against "union corruption." Not surprisingly, its from the rightwing Organized Labor Accountability Project whose most recent report has the typical list of rinky-dink individual thefts that is bound to happen in any organizational network handling billions of dollars. Given that the amounts talked about pale in comparison to the billions defrauded by corporate crime, it's almost suprising conservatives would want to call attention to the fact that union corruption is so minor in comparison.
  • A useful resource from the Capital Research Center-- a database of sources for money for various environmental groups.
  • For anyone wanting to understand the rise and fall of the "militia right" and a deep analysis of the base for present forces for grassroots reaction, check out this Public Eye Issue (pdf) from Chip Berlet's Public Research Associates, probably the most indepth research group of far right doings.
  • Concerned Women of America, one of the largest grassroots groups on the Right, has criticized the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment for being too weak in preventing gay civil unions nationwide.
  • The Eagle Forum is mobilizing hard against CEDAW, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women .
  • Check out GOPAC (Gingrich's old outfit) for continuing updates on state election priorities on the Right.

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