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July 25, 2002

EU Replaces US Family Planning $$

The UK's Guardian reports that the EU replaced the $34m US contribution to the UN Population Fund (UNPFA) that Bush cancelled this past week. This reflects the general anger at Bush's unilateral actions and withdrawals from international committments.

For fun, check out the Guardian's George Bush's America running anti-Bush news page.

Posted by Nathan at July 25, 2002 12:34 PM

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Also in the Guardian, however,there is a biting critique of the EU's abysmal performance in the recent Spain-Morocco standoff over Parsley Island. Here's a sample:

Yes, this US administration does have a record of alarming unilateralism, and when we come back from our summer holidays we may well find it gearing up for war against Iraq. But what credibility has Europe as critic and partner if it cannot even resolve such a piffling little dispute on our own front doorstep? So much for the great peacemaker and bridgebuilder.

It's incidents like this that make you realize why so many right-wing pundits and policy makers (Robert Kagan, anybody?) think the Europeans are a joke.

Posted by: Yuval Rubinstein at July 25, 2002 01:49 PM

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